Cambric is a thin, fine,  lightweight fabric originally made of linen, now mostly of cotton.

cambric fabric main



 Plain weave, fine yarn, calendered for glossy finish.



 Cotton and linen.


fabric face

 Smooth, opaque and glossy surface.


Fabric design

 Unbleached or dyed, in solid colors or mainly floral designs.



 Soft, fine and dense.


fabric drape



fabric weight

Lightweight fabric.



The finest cambric is similar to lawn or batiste, the heavier cambric is close to fine muslin.



Originated from French city of Cambrai, a linen center since medieval times, and initially was a kind of fine white plain-weave linen cloth.


 Best use for:


shirtingsummer dresses linen1458133127_47mockup

Shirtings,  dresses, linens, handkerchieves, design testing.



Emboridery, lace and needlework.




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cambric fabriccambriccambriccambric



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