A lightweight fabric which looks like a very fine denim and incorporates a colored warp and white weft.
chambrey main



 Plain weave.



 Mostly cotton, also silk, or synthetic fibers.


Fabric design

Dyed warp and white weft create distinctive denim-like colouration. The variations include stripes and checks as well as dobby-woven patterns.





fabric drape

 Drapes well.


fabric weight

Light to moderately heavy weights.




Looks like denim, but is constructed in a plain weave and the underside looks similar to the face (in denim the underside is lighter and has a distinctive diagonal rib).


Originally made of linen and originated from Cambrai, a linen weaving town in Northern France.


 Best use for:


childrenwearsummber dresssesshirtingblouseskirtsportswearapron

Children’s wear, dresses, shirts and blouses, sportswear, skirts, household items.



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chambrey Chambrey fabric chambrey chambrey chambrey chambrey chambrey


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