A silk or silk-like lightweight fabric woven with a specific float of a satin weave, which gives the fabric a smooth and lustrous finish, whereas the back has a dull finish.


charmeuse main



 A satin weave with a specific ratio of floating threads, in which the warp (or facing) threads cross over three or more of the  weft (or backing) threads. Can be woven more tightly or looser.



  Silk or synthetic fibers.


fabric face

Lustrous and reflective. The luster is more intense in looser woven fabrics. More tightly woven charmause is more durable. Breathable.


Fabric design




Soft, delicate and smooth.


fabric drape

 Drapes well, does not hold a shape.


fabric weight

Light- to medium-weight fabric.



Slippery, difficult to cut and sew; easily damaged by pins or rough hands.




Similar to antique satin, charvet silk, jacquard, faille.





 Best use for:


evening dressblousedress1450287811_071underwearlinen1458133127_47neckties

Special occasion wear (flowing evening gowns and drapey blouses), formal wear (dresses and dressy suites, lining of jackets and slacks), lingerie and men underwear, handkerchiefs, ties.



Suites for embroidery




More images of charmeuse fabric

Charmeuse silk

charmeuse silk 2charmeuse silk 3charmeuse silk 4charmeuse silk 1charmeuse


Charmeuse polyester

charmeuse polyester 3charmeuse polyester 2charmeuse poliester 1



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