A very thin sheer fabric with a grainy surface, as a result of being woven of  crepe (high-twist) yarns.

chiffon main



 Plain open weave; high-twist yarns.



Poliester, cotton, silk, rayon.


fabric face

 Sheer, lustrous, has a crepe-like, grainy texture.



 Soft and slightly rough.  Slippery.


Fabric design

 Solid colors and printed designs.


fabric drape

 Beautiful drape.


fabric weight

Light weight fabric.



Cotton chiffon is similar to voile





 Best use for:


special occasionblouselinen

Special occasion wear (especially as an overlay to give an elegant and flowing silhouette), summery garments like blouses, ribbons and scarves, and lingerie.




Suites for embroidery.



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Chiffon fabricchiffon 2chiffon 4chiffon 3


Chiffon silk

chiffon silk 1chiffon silk2chiffon silk 3


Chiffon polyester

chiffon polyesterchiffon polyester 2


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