Dobby is a decorative weave characterised by small geometric patterns woven over the surface and adding extra texture in the cloth.

dobby main



Usually a satin ground and a dobby weave for a pattern. The fabric is woven on the dobby loom that raises and lowers the warp threads individually, wich allows additional yarns to be woven into a fabric.



Any fiber.


fabric face

 Strength and luster. Raised texture of a pattern.


Fabric design

  Small regular geometric patterns.



Any hand feels.


fabric drape



fabric weight

Any weights







Jacquard (characterised by large-scale and curving patterns)



Historically made of felted wool


 Best use for:


1450287918_058summber dresssesskirtdress

Mainly shirting, summer dresses & skirts, formal dresses.




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Dobbi Fabricdobby4dobby 1dobby 2


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