Dupioni is a silk fabric with irregular, grainy, rustic surface, formed by slubbed yarns.

dupioni wide



 Plain weave, where a fine thread is woven with two or more uneven treads from silk cocons producing silk side by side.



 Natural silk or rayon in the warp and doupion yarn in the weft.


fabric face

 Highly-lustrous, stiff, holds its shape.


Fabric design

 Solid colors.



 Thick and crisp.


fabric drape



fabric weight

Mid- to heavy-weight fabric.







It is similar to shantung, but slightly thicker, heavier, and with with more pronounced slubs.





 Best use for:

special occasionblousesummer dressesdressskirt1450287848_078jacketsneckties

Eveningwear, bridalwear, tailored slimmer silhouettes like flat-front trousers, jackets and fitted blouses, dresses and skirts, neckties. It’s great for holding shape, structure and body.



Upholstery and curtains.



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