Faille is a silk fabric having fine transverse ribbing.

faille main



 Plain weave;  an addition of a thicker yarn in the weft creates a crosswise rib on the surface.



Silk, or manufactured fibers in the warp; usually cotton or cotton blends, sometimes wool or silk  in the weft.


fabric face

  Relatively strong and durable. Glossy and lustrous. Ribbed – but not very prominent — surface.


Fabric design

  By using warp and weft yarns of different colours, an effect of iridescence is achieved.



 Smooth, soft and silky.


fabric drape

Easy to drape.


fabric weight

Mid- to heavy-weight fabric.



It has an affinity for taking a crease.




Taffeta’s ribs are even finer, while bengaline’s are heavier than faille’s.





 Best use for:


special occasionskirt1450288410_211450287811_071millinary

Special occation dresses, skirts, underskirts, spring coats, suits, and also millinery.




More images of faille fabric

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faille 2faille 3faille4faille 1

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