Full collection of zoom effects for e-commerce web site

Today we are not going to discuss anything complex. Just relax and see a collection of zoom effects for e-commerce product pages. 3 types and 15 zoom variations for your inspiration.

#1. The most traditional zoom

A large image is placed in the popup window. It is open by click on an image, a link, an icon, or a thumbnail image.

Popup Zoom main

Advantages of the pop-up zoom

+ Full screen high quality photographs with lots of fine detail can make your product stand out;
+ All other content is hidden, allowing attention to be focused entirely on the image;
+ A gradual scaling can be applied by adding resizing controls on the pop-up window.

Disadvantages of the pop-up zoom

– More time is required to load the full image;
– Pop-ups may be considered annoying by some people.

Where the pop-up zoom is a good choice

A large image in the pop-up window is good for clothes that are made of textured fabric, have a unique design or small details, or those clothing that is selected with care. Examples are special occasion apparel, dresses, or scenic costumes, or even shoes.


Popup Zoom shoes

Variants of the pop-up zoom

Variants of a popup zoom include shading of the main page of different level.


Popup zoom shading



Popup zoom shading


Ways to improve the experience

To reduce an inconvenience of opening an image in a separate window, the good idea is to add some navigation controls to this image.


Changing colors:

Popup zoom colors

Changing views:

Popup Zoom views

Previous – Next styles

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Mistakes to avoid

Sometimes a pop-up window opens an image of the same size before it can be enlarged. That means the buyer has made a useless click – very bad. If you want to apply a gradual scaling effect, open a larger image by the first click and then allow enlarging even more.

#2. The most popular zoom

A fragment of a large image is placed side by side with a small image. It is mostly open on mouse over.

Side zoom

Advantages of the “side by side” zoom

+ The image opens on the same page, which is more convenient for the user;
+ A shopper can see a full image at the same time when observing the details;
+ A viewing area for the large image can be bigger than a size of a small image.

Disadvantages of the “side by side” zoom

– An enlarged image covers product details, including a price and color swathes;
– The view area is smaller than in the pop-up window;
– A gradual scale is not possible.

Where “side by side” zoom is a good choice

The user can take a close look to the texture and garnish. It suites good for knitwear, lingerie, or casual wear.

Ways to improve the experience

Be careful with rollover effects. An occasional mouth move may close the product details user may be looking at. The mouse follows the glance, so avoid texts above and below the image.

Variants of the “side by side” zoom


A frame:


Side zoom with frame


A shaded main image:


Side image shaded


A shaded selection:


Side image shaded selection


Mistakes to avoid

Think twice before you blur the base image or selected area completely. So you lose an advantage of this side by side position.

Side zoom shaded selection

#3. The most space-saving zoom

A fragment of a large image replaces a small image. Usually, you can drag an image to select a viewing area.

Zoom in the same window

Advantages of an “in the same frame” zoom

+ Product details can be viewed at all time;
+ Zoom by mouse over can be used with less shade effects;
+ Gradual scaling controls can be applied (like on the page below).

Zoom in the same window

Disadvantages of “in the same frame” zoom

– Only a fragmented view when enlarged;
– The smallest viewing area for the large image.

Where “in the same frame” zoom is a good choice

The user can take a close look to the texture and garnish. It suites good for knitwear, lingerie, or casual wear.


Zoom in the same frame

Ways to improve the experience

Try to use larger images on the product page. The shopper will only need to zoom in to see the details. At the same time, the viewing are for the resized image will be larger.

Combine with a pop-up window to show a big photo.

Mistakes to avoid

When a main image is not very big, the re-sized image can look too fragmented within the frames.

Zoom too fragmented

Bonus. The most tricky zoom

A winner of this nomination took me more than a minute to figure out how it works. And even after that it wasn’t convenient to use. When a user clicks to zoom in, the same image is open in the pop-up window. Scroll up and down to resize while pointing to the area of interest (you will see this fragment when zooming in).
Tricky zoom
Large images will help to convince a shopper to buy. Take high resolution photography, ensure that you have all color variants, and select your zoom effect.


In case you sell made-to order clothing, images for color variations may be just re-colored copies of a master-image. To show a large image, the re-coloring technique should be perfect, otherwise all defects will be seen in the large view. Talk to our team of professional web designers will help to create images for made-to-order designs that can be scaled up and prove elegance of your collection.