Taffeta is a luxurios, crisp, smooth  fabric as of silk or rayon, with a muted luster and slight ribbing, and also an unmistakable rustle (called scroop).

taffeta fabric main



 Plain weave.



 Silk, rayon or synthetic fibers.


fabric face

Smooth with bold but fine horizontal ribs, sturdy and tightly woven. Has a slight metallic luster.


Fabric design

Can be piece-dyed or yarn-dyed. Usually in solid colors. When woven of two different colored yarns it is called shot taffeta or shot silk. Woven of three colors (two in the weft, one in the warp), it is called chameleon taffeta.



 Thick, crisp, smooth and slippery. Holds its shape better than many other fabrics.


fabric drape

Drapes well.


fabric weight




The most slippery fabric.  Underlining prevents some of the wrinkling it has a tendency to have.




Similar feel to crepe-backed satin, but it’s stiffer



The name comes from the Persian taftah, a 16th-century fine silk fabric.


 Best use for:


special occasion

Eveningwear, bridalwear, ball gowns, corsets, underskirts, trims, umbrellas.




Piece-dyed taffeta is often used in linings and is quite soft.




Interrior: curtains, wallcovering.



Suites for embroidery.




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