Voile is a thin, plain-weave, semitransparent fabric that have woven in stripes; or can have other surface patterning applied.

voile fabric main



 Plain weave; made stiff becasue of tight twist (called voile twist) of fine yarns.



 Cotton, or cotton blends with linen, polyester, rayon. There is also a wool voile, and a silk, polyester or nylon voile.


fabric face

Sheer fabric. Patterns are woven into fabric structure.


Fabric design




 Soft, moderately stiff, elastic, slightly sharp, porous. lightweight fabric.


fabric drape

A nice crisp drape.


fabric weight

Lightweight fabric.



It’s easy to cut, sew, and press.




Voile is very similar to chiffon. It is also close to lawn, but softer.



The term comes from French, and means veil.


 Best use for:

blousecasual shirtsummer dresseslinenspecial occasion





Blouses, shirts, dresses (either in multiple layers or laid over a second material), nightgowns, lingerie, children’s clothing. Rarely used for bridal wear, party dresses, trim and millinery.



Interrior:  curtains (mostly from  polyester or nylon voile).



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voile fabric 2voile fabric 2

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